Gift-giving tips

By Augustus Ferreria
Director, MoneyDoctors, Inc.

Illustrated by Danvic Briones

Gift giving this Christmas may not necessarily be expensive if you plan what you will buy.

On a blank piece of paper draw one large circle. Inside this circle, draw four more circles each smaller than the other. You should have something similar to the target used by archers with a red bulls-eye in the middle.

The red circle in the middle or the bulls-eye is your family. The next circle can be labeled close friends. The next can be officemates, business clients, acquaintances, neighbors or what have you.

You can have as many circle of relationships you want to draw.
Assign an amount for each circle.

For immediate family members (spouse, children, brothers, sister), you can begin with P1,000. The people in the next circle gets P500, and as you go to the outer circle the amount becomes less and less.

The point of this exercise is really building a gift-giving budget.

Rather than just simply drawing up a Christmas list, you should categorize people according to how much you are willing to spend for each of them.

Remember always that it’s not the value of the gift that is important. It’s remembering and telling people that they are important to you.

I once got a gift from a friend which was surprisingly huge. It was the size of a refrigerator.

You can just imagine my impatience for Christmas day to come so that I can finally see what is inside.

When we opened the box, inside was a large plastic pail.

There was boisterous laughter around the Christmas tree that night.

I finally got the message from this dear friend of mine. In the past I was so concerned about the quality and price of the gift I give and receive. This pail was a symbol that taught me a valuable lesson.

Gift giving this Christmas may not necessarily be expensive if you plan what you will buy.

Let’s not forget the reason for the season. It’s the birthday of Christ our Savior. His love is what we actually are giving away. Merry Christmas everyone!

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